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<![CDATA[Commercial Placement with Jackson Hewitt]]> I am excited to announce, my co-writer and I had a big commercial placement for Jackson Hewitt for our song "The Big Easy"

Here is how they used our Jazz song for 15 minutes. 

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<![CDATA[Commercial Placement and The Voice:Blind Auditions]]> My song "The Big Chill" was placed in a Jackson Hewitt Commercial  for 2020 tax season and had a nice 15 second spot.

I also garnered two small placements for a song I co-wrote with called "Disturbing the Beast."  

Co-written with Nigel B Robinson and guitars by Joseph Jakubicki


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<![CDATA[Kim Yarson aka Miss Kim's Children's Music wins a National Parenting Product Award]]>

Miss Kim's Children's Music wins a NAPPA Award for her very first children's album 

Growing Up Great written during the months of the pandemic. 

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<![CDATA[Kim's New Single DIVA available on April 22nd]]>