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FRIDAY, MAY 25, 2012
New Single "I Want To Live" now for sale as download

I Want To Live

Well I have had the unique opportunity to be asked to co-write a very beautiful song called "I Want To Live".  This song was presented to me by my songwriting student John Connolly during his third lesson.  I told him to keep re-writing and I'd think about it.  By the eighth session, he'd come pretty close to being done, so  I promised him I'd bring the song with me to the Poconos where I could concentrate and be in quiet to write.  Simultaneously, I was in extreme pain trying to pass a kidney stone.  My kids went out for a walk and I sat down with the song and knew if it wanted to be written it would come.  No sooner did I have the chords and I began to sing the lyric and then I revamped the lyric to fit my melody and "Presto" a song was born.  Irony, this song is sung from the fetus' perspective pleading for its life, "I Want To Live".  I am not one to say who is right or wrong or to preach but I don't mind at all giving a voice to someone who has no voice.  In doing so, I made sure I interviewed someone I knew who had to make the painful choice of abortion during a very tough time in her life.  She still gets upset talking about it but her story helped to shape the second verse.  My goal with this song is to help the unborn child to get a chance and to humanize it because everyone deserves a chance to live and to love.   I am working on the song for the post-abortive woman to help soothe and comfort them after the fact. 

Give this song a listen, it is the first song you hear when you come to my website.  It is for sale as download under download icon at very top of my page. 

God Bless,

Kim Yarson

May 25, 2012 @ 7:43 PM

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