6 Placements of my song Beautiful Night in TV Show

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My jazz song Beautiful Night has three placements in this Bravo network TV Show "Southern Comfort"
Episodes: #NewCraig, 311 Words of Wisdom,  Reunion Hour 2, Beast of Bourbon  2x and Founder's Brawl from Season 3.
I am pleased to have yet another of my instrumentals placed in yet another TV show.
More to come as I am writing quite regularly and up to about 100 songs a year.


Sync Placement in TV show Human Resources

A song I co-write with Nigel Robinson of Scotland called "Frying Pan Blues"
Has placed in Season 3 Ep 2 of this show.  
Also over the summer I recieved another nice royalty for my co-written song  "Don't Give Up"
placing in web based photography site somewhere out there. 

Two TV Sync Placements for Songs off of my JOY album

MY FIRST TV Placements:

I got a small placement in

Say Yes to the Dress:Atlanta Episode 14

My song  This is Life instrumental :14 sec in middle of show

I also have a placement in
Lost and Found with Mike & Jesse Episode 3 Hero Moms
My song I'll Always Miss Someone instrumental for :44 at end of the show.


With hard work and perserverence, anything is possible. I work daily to make many more cuts like this happen! Stay tuned and believe!

New Kim Yarson band and Berklee College of Music acceptance

Please give a warm welcome to the newest member Scott Nagrod on guitar and vocals into the Kim Yarson band.

Also a big congrats to Kim who just got accepted into Berklee College of Music online to finally complete  her Bachelor's degree in what she loves: Songwriting.

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"I write and sings songs to paint hope and promote healing with one foot on earth and one in heaven."

Kim Yarson


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